The company

De Koningh Medical Systems (DKMS) develops high tech mechatronic instruments and systems for the medical market. DKMS is a flexible and client-oriented partner for OEM companies and high-end R&D organisations. Clients who choose to make use of our expertise are able to focus their full attention on research and on selling their products.
The DKMS head office and our certified 
production facilities are located in Arnhem, where the company started out more than 100 years ago as an geodetic equipment factory Since 2000, business at DKMS has surged, thanks to a clear focus on various competencies. DKMS offers its medical clients specialist know-how in precision mechanics, optics and electronics.
De Koningh Medical Systems has a small team made up of around thirty employees with the highest level of technical education. They are extremely motivated in their desire to make a contribution to developments in the medical sector. They are very used to work together and to sharing their knowledge and expertise. Flexibility is one of the core values in our team and this attitude has enabled us to relieve the burden on our clients by supplying them with innovative medical instruments.
De Koningh Advanced Technology
DKMS has had an associate company since 2010 - De Koningh Advanced Technology (DKAT). DKAT is also specialised in manufacturing high tech mechatronic products. DKAT focuses on areas outside the medical sector and works for a range of institutions such as laboratories and for companies in the semiconductor and IT sector.